Hi, I'm Connor.

Below you'll find a few of my projects, not including this site (which I built myself). Programming is my passion, and has been since I first got one of these in middle school. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at a Fortune 500 company.


A list of old projects from college and earlier!


Molecule Flashcards

Originally a web development project, our team switched focus to bringing this educational flashcard game to Android. My jobs included interfacing with the server, creating the phone and tablet UI (from a specification), and in general making the buttons, lists, etc. actually work.

Play Store Repository ExSciTecH


I acted as a private contractor to create this site from scratch, which involved heavy use of JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. The service allows registered users to fill in custom-built surveys with auto-generated weekly reports, and includes a mobile site for use on the go.

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Mall Cop

A small game, which was an entry in Ludum Dare 27: a 48-hour game programming competition. The theme that won the voting round was '10 Seconds'. You can still view the entry page here . Mall Cop is a simple HTML5 2D Canvas memory game.

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Giant Trees

When Minecraft took the world by storm a few years ago, it turned into an excellent learning opportunity for me. Thanks to the excellent Bukkit project , I was able to make simple Minecraft mods. This simple mod made massive trees with custom properties, like height, type, etc. The project was reborn by Ryan Michela in 2014.

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The final project for my High School AP Computer Science course was to make a game with a partner. TerraCraft was a 2D mix of Minecraft and Terraria. Randomly generated worlds, different blocks, different modes, threading, and even bad walking animation.



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